I was born at John Peter Smith County Hospital in April of 1974 in Fort Worth, TX.  Thus begin my childhood as a low class white boy living in a multi-ethnic urban neighborhood.  I spent my childhood in a house that had a park on one corner and a cemetery on the other.  Sometimes I got the two mixed up and would spend many hours playing amongst the gravestones.  During the summer, my step-mom, who worked the graveyard shift at a hospital and took care of us all by herself, would drop my brother and I off at the Movie Summer Camp for kids so she could get a few hours of peaceful sleep. At that local theater I ingested many hours of 16mm projected cartoons and other kids films.  One day I snuck out of the kids show to the “big” theater to see what was playing.  It was E.T.  My life was changed. For the rest of that summer I watched E.T. every single day and cried every time they found him in the river. In the sixth grade my Grandmother sent me across town to a Catholic school for fear of my “gang activity” at the local public school.  I commenced to make straight A’s and lots of money selling Chinese stars and butterfly knives to the kids who couldn’t get them in their neighborhood.  I also learned the difference between Southern Baptists and Catholics the hard way.
By the time cable and VCR’s came around I had officially become a movie geek.  Even still, I had no concept of becoming a filmmaker.  I wanted to be a Novelist and a Rapper!  I had it all planned out.  I would be the next Stephen King and the next Ice Cube.  In my waning teenage years I put most of my creative effort into being an MC for a rap group called OffSpring (yeah, we didn’t know about the rock band.)  We played a lot of live shows but never recorded and eventually the group fizzled.
Moving into adulthood I settled into a slew of odd jobs like working as a cook, selling knock-off perfume, administering phone surveys, and all sorts of desk jobs.  I still knew I wanted to do something artistic and my main creative outlet was writing.  I knew I didn’t have a novel in me yet so I whittled away my time trying to write short stories but ultimately found that a frustrating dead end.  Then one pivotal day in the late-90’s my good friend Nick who was attending a local university brought home a VHS tape of short films some students had made on black and white 16mm.  My mind was blown.  Up until that moment I had literally never considered the idea that you can make films on your own outside of the Hollywood system.  It was an epiphany and suddenly it all made sense.  Filmmaking had found me!
As a fan I discovered a whole new world of independent films I didn’t know about.  The more I watched the more confident I became that this is what I wanted to do for real.  I was 25 at the time. I never could get into the idea of going to film school so I took my first crucial step towards filmmaking by volunteering to work on ultra low-budget films.  From there, I kept working on projects in various roles.  I’ve been a caterer, P.A., location scout, D.P., A.D. and almost everything in between on my way up to being a full-fledged director and producer.  This is how I gained real world experience and collected a great group of friends and collaborators that I work with on a regular basis.
I’ve been making independent films for about ten years now.  My works include the award winning omnibus feature film Deadroom, GDMF, The Knocker, Merrily, Merrily, Receive Bacon and music videos for the acclaimed bands The Theater Fire and Bosque Brown. Through my company Beautiful Confusion Films I’ve produced the award-winning feature St. Nick (available soon from Watchmaker/Benten).  I also co-Produced the theatrically released feature Ciao (now available from Regent Releasing) and the upcoming feature Carried Away which recently won Best Narrative Film at the Oxford Film Festival.  I’m currently serving on the QCinema International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Board of Directors and on the Advisory Board and Programming Committee for the Lone Star International Film Festival. My other love in life is food and besides filmmaking I’m the Executive Chef of the award-winning chain of vegan restaurants, Spiral Diner & Bakery that is owned by my lovely wife.  I still live right here in Fort Worth, TX with my wife Amy McNutt, two cats, and three rabbits.