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To Do

Think to a time in the future. A future one hopes is far from now. Imagine yourself old and withered. Your time has come. You lie on your deathbed and inhale deeply, holding it inside. You close your eyes and see clearly the life behind you. Now embrace that moment. Imagine it. Think of all your triumphs and the ones you loved. Your body wants you to release the breath but first you must think of the things you wish you would have done. All the things you could have done more of. The people you should have spent more time with. The things that really mattered.

These are the things you should be doing now.

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The New Year Parade

After I saw The New Year Parade at SXSW I wrote this:
"If you want to see a film that truly embodies the grit and gusto of independent filmmaking then you have to watch The New Year Parade. The storyline might seem familiar but I promise you won't see a film that handles it's melancholy subject the way this one does. I love the softly turning mechanisms of The New Year Parade and how it balances it's subtle storytelling with completely engaging insights into a little known Philadelphia subculture."
Well, if you missed it out on the festival circuit nows your chance to finally see it. The wonderful DVD boutique distributor Carnivalesque Films has released the film on DVD. It's available through Amazon, Netflix, and of course the Carnivalesque website. You can also pick it up at Target, Barnes & Noble, and Best Buy.

So please, go add it to your Netflix queue or better yet buy a copy to own!

Here's the trailer.

In other DVD news, the impenetrable Clay Liford's long awaited horror/comedy anthology film A Four Course Meal will be out on DVD December 22. It's also available on Amazon and other DVD retail outlets. It's turning out to be a good December for Clay. First this DVD release and then his short film My Mom Smokes Weed got into Sundance!