I like: 45365. Woodpecker. Drag Me To Hell.

My new friend Bill Ross suggested I make a sequel to Receive Bacon out of this.

Speaking of Bill. I got to spend some quality time with him and his brother Turner this weekend at Sidewalk Moving Pictures Festival. Their film 45365 is probably one of my favorite documentaries of all time. Seriously, just watch the trailer above for a small taste. It's out in festivals now but I hope it'll make it's way to a wider audience soon. Make note of it if you can and seek it out.

Alex Karpovsky's wonderfully funny and melancholy film Woodpecker is out on DVD now. It's really great so rent it/buy it and enjoy.

It's being released by Carnivalesque Films the boutique DVD label run by filmmakers Ashley Sabin and David Redmon. They are gallantly delivering festival films to the public that might otherwise never be seen outside of the festival circuit. You should definitely check Carnivalesque out because you can pretty much trust that any film they are distributing is worth watching.

Drag Me To Hell is awesomeness. If you missed it in theaters, well I feel sorry for you, but at least you can catch it on DVD now.

I thought this was pretty funny.