Holy Shnit! Berne, Switzerland day 1

My wonderful host Sarah met me at the train station and after I settled into her lovely mid-century decorated flat she showed me around town.

Waiting on the train.

On the train: Zurich to Berne.

Some sites from the train window:

(I think I should try to make this my Swiss Nickname)

Around the corner from her apartment is the Rosengarten (not currently in full bloom) a park with an amazing view of the city.

Some sites around the city:
Berne's oldest tree, over 300 years old.

A giant cuckoo clock!

Amazing old church.

Food and beverage.

A vegetable spaetzle.

Local brew. The name translates to: "A Kiss of Berne."

Sarah couldn't tell me exactly what to call
this in English but it's like Corn Grits and a
faux-chicken in a peppery sauce (all "soya").

Then it was off to opening night festivities.

Checking in. On the wall they put the envelopes up
of all the entries they received.

The cover of the catalogue.

And when you open the first page. I can now officially
say I'm big in Switzerland, or at least Berne.
(Thanks to Nick for the awesome picture!)

The crowd waiting to cheer or boo at the
"Slam Movie Night"


Curtis | 10:22 PM

Holy Christ! Super Awesome!
Congratulations Bro.

I love how the James Humor translates into photography.

Wish we were all there together.