The Sunset Limited

Tagged a "Novel in dramatic form" this stage play is a treasured work of pleasure and pain. I read it twice last week. For me, when reading it the first time, I just couldn't put it down. Not because it's a mystery, melodramatic or particularly plot driven but because each and every word is so masterful it's like eating dessert. You just have to keep stuffing your face no matter how full you are. Hence the second reading. This time to savor it. It's just too good. How does this man have such immense insight into humanity? Below is a quote that I'm just going to pick at random because honestly you can open the book at any page and find the "best" piece of dialogue.

WHITE: Now I know you're being facetious.

BLACK: This time I think you're right. I think you have finally drove me to it.

WHITE: Mm hm.

BLACK: Well, the professor's done gone to laying the mm hm's on me. I better watch my step.

WHITE: Yes you had. I might be warming up the trick bag.

BLACK: But still you think that your reasons is about the world and his is mostly just about him.

WHITE: I think that's probably true.

BLACK: I see a different truth. Settin right across the table from me.

WHITE: Which is?

BLACK: That you must love your brother or die.