On 'Revolutionary Road'

"From now on, whatever else his life might hold, there would be no more apologies."
I finished reading "Revolutionary Road" while on the plane back from NYC. What an astounding, charged piece of work it is! While I still stand by my notion that you can't judge a movie by it's book because in my opinion they are two very different beast. By the by "Revolutionary Road" the movie was fine in and of itself but when you read the novel you see how enormously wrongheaded it is to think you can even come close to capturing the breadth and scope of it. I sincerely believe that even the most masterful filmmaker could not offer on screen what an audience can get from those pages.

So in other words, I don't think we should judge the movie on not being as good as the book but instead ask "Why was this book even made into a film?" I think "Revolutionary Road" has made me realize that sometimes there has to be a line drawn between literature and film that maybe shouldn't be crossed.

Which I'm finding hard to reconcile with my own personal yearning to someday turn "Moby Dick" into an epic trilogy.