I got a grant from Rooftop Films!

The kind souls at Rooftop Films have seen fit to award my next short film Knife with a grant. I think it might be in bad form to mention amounts but I'll say it's very gracious and will send me well on my way to getting the film off the ground and into production. To be perfectly honest the vote of confidence, the elation of being chosen for something is as big a boost as the first money.

Here's what Knife is about:
A searing, slow-burning portrait of vengeance, Knife is a transgressive look at a Southern Gothic staple told entirely in silence. Set in rural Texas the story chronicles an unnamed man with a broken spirit. In the beginning we see him returning to his family. Where he's been is unknown. Wherever it was - prison, maybe war - the years have not been kind to him. In spite of his family's warm welcome the man can't shake an anger that builds in him so he must leave them again. This time to return to the land that was once theirs, a land that had been in the family for generations, a land that has been stolen, plundered, and sewn with seeds of greed. There's a force at work, a corruption that destroys homes, nature, families, and memories. The Man decides to lay his stakes down and pits himself against it all. He is on a ruinous mission to sate the hatred in his heart with the knife he carries in his hand.
Congratulations to Sara Zia Ebrahimi, Moon Molson, and Dustin Guy Defa who all won grants for their short films too.


jmac | 2:44 AM

You, my friend, are on a hot glory road to hell in a handbasket! Will you remember us when you live in heaven with Bon Jovi and Dane Cook? Be swell, you devil of a hunky dude. Be swell.