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Watch The First Ten Minutes of St. Nick!

David put up a great post about the seeds of St. Nick, a web series that only got as far as the first episode provided the conceptual beginnings of what would become the feature film. You can read about it and watch a comparison between that episode and the opening of the actual film St. Nick here: http://www.road-dog-productions.com/weblog/2009/07/the_beginnings.html.

Embedded below for your viewing pleasure is the first ten minutes of St. Nick. (Note: You can watch it in full HD on the actual Vimeo page.)

St. Nick - Clip 1 from ST NICK on Vimeo.

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A Wonderful Meal

I just got back from having such a lovely meal prepared by Valerie and Curtis that I feel compelled to report it here.

Mustard Greens
Roasted Brussels Sprout
Sweet Potato Fries
Black Beans
Brown Rice
Grilled Butternut Squash
and Tahini Dressing to drizzle upon whatever you fancy.
To drink was Mint Ice Tea and Moscow Mules.

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Some Things

I'm very happy to say that a fine group of young filmmakers have stepped up to the plate to create a coalition of Fort Worth Filmmakers called: Fort Worth Filmmaker! On the front page of the site you'll find a video that includes me espousing why I love Texas and making films here.

They also have a great Vimeo site that collects videos of Fort Worth Filmmakers.

Below are a couple of small, short videos I made for their 5x5 Filmmaker Challenge which is simply a series of vignettes containing five 5-second shots.


Here's something really awe inspiring that Poyser directed me to: