BOSQUE BROWN - "Phone Call" live

Back at the very beginning of February before diving headlong into full time production on Carried Away I had the honor of putting together and shooting a staged live performance of Bosque Brown. Curtis and Valerie graciously allowed their beautiful home to be the stage. Nick was there to help with the lighting, Valerie with Art Direction and Amy came along for any and all support. Curtis lent me his skills to record the live sound while also lending his cooking skills along with Valerie to cook us all breakfast. What a deal! They let us use their house and then feed us for the trouble!

It was a wonderful way to spend the day. Just getting to hang out, eat great food, and have meaningful and funny conversations and on top of that I got to listen to Mara's beautiful voice and the band's stunning accompaniment. Half the time I forgot I was supposed to be shooting them and just wanted to set the camera down and listen!

Below is the first piece from that day. There will be more to come when I can find time to steal away and edit.

Bosque Brown's new album BABY is out now. I can't recommend it enough. It's easy to get moonstruck by the sweet haunting songs.

BOSQUE BROWN - "Phone Call" live from James M. Johnston on Vimeo.


Mike | 10:42 AM

This is great James. Quality stuff indeed. Coincidentally, I got to shoot some photos of Bosque Brown at the Good Records instore the same day you posted this. Here are my shots -

thanks again for posting this. Can't wait to see the rest


Kim | 4:10 PM

Oh my gosh! I might be the last person to ever hear Bosque Brown but Mara has the voice of an angel! I'm a new fan. Thanks James!

Brittan | 4:21 PM


Rudak | 11:13 PM

Thaz some hot shit James! Ya jus cant beat live Bosque Brown! See ya tomorrow if you down for SX.