Receive Bacon to play Midnight Shorts at SXSW!

The short film I shot back in September at the Chatroom Pub has been accepted into the SXSW film festival and to make it even sweeter it's playing in the Midnight Shorts package. I'm especially honored by that because the Midnight Shorts is always packed full of really fun and hilarious shorts making it one of my favorite collections to watch at the festival.

Check out the SXSW page on the film for all the details.


Barak Epstein | 8:30 AM


Bryan P | 1:51 PM

Thass dope, mayn!

Great production still, too. Jonny & Kelli will be proud.

valerie | 9:28 AM

how fun! i wish curtis and i could be at the midnight shorts with you guys.

Tito | 12:12 PM

sexxxxxxxxellent work Jimmy-James! now the sxsw midnight shorts will be xtra SIIIIIIICK! will look forward to a full report.

Kat Valentine | 12:40 PM

That's is awesome! I wish I could be there, I still haven't seen the final product but it was fun to hang out behind the bar for a change.