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To Do

Think to a time in the future. A future one hopes is far from now. Imagine yourself old and withered. Your time has come. You lie on your deathbed and inhale deeply, holding it inside. You close your eyes and see clearly the life behind you. Now embrace that moment. Imagine it. Think of all your triumphs and the ones you loved. Your body wants you to release the breath but first you must think of the things you wish you would have done. All the things you could have done more of. The people you should have spent more time with. The things that really mattered.

These are the things you should be doing now.

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The New Year Parade

After I saw The New Year Parade at SXSW I wrote this:
"If you want to see a film that truly embodies the grit and gusto of independent filmmaking then you have to watch The New Year Parade. The storyline might seem familiar but I promise you won't see a film that handles it's melancholy subject the way this one does. I love the softly turning mechanisms of The New Year Parade and how it balances it's subtle storytelling with completely engaging insights into a little known Philadelphia subculture."
Well, if you missed it out on the festival circuit nows your chance to finally see it. The wonderful DVD boutique distributor Carnivalesque Films has released the film on DVD. It's available through Amazon, Netflix, and of course the Carnivalesque website. You can also pick it up at Target, Barnes & Noble, and Best Buy.

So please, go add it to your Netflix queue or better yet buy a copy to own!

Here's the trailer.

In other DVD news, the impenetrable Clay Liford's long awaited horror/comedy anthology film A Four Course Meal will be out on DVD December 22. It's also available on Amazon and other DVD retail outlets. It's turning out to be a good December for Clay. First this DVD release and then his short film My Mom Smokes Weed got into Sundance!
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Greece then Paris

Instead of posting a ton of pictures here I'll try it this way instead. You should be able to view these even if you aren't on Facebook.

Go here for pictures from my trip to Thessaloniki International Film Festival: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=43727&id=1367101819&l=0ca3dc4389

On my way back to Texas from Greece I spent a few days in Paris. Here's some pictures: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=43776&id=1367101819&l=9f25ef8d9f

The trip was amazing to say the least. I sure did miss Amy though.
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Holy Shnit! Day 4

This is my daily bus ride to and from Zytglogge downtown.

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I was very surprised and happy to show up to the festival party and find a honkytonk going on. It was quite a mind fuck. I hung out with the band later. They took notes.

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Holy Shnit! Day 3


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Holy Shnit! Day 2

Well, I don't have as much to talk about today since I didn't wake up until about 4pm Switzerland time (which equates to about 9am Texas time.) It really is hard to readjust your body to a completely different time zone like this. I didn't even go to bed that late last night and I slept so long! I pretty much only had time to get ready and grab a quick bite to eat. I got real lucky in that respect.

At the house I had a light snack of local artisan bread and locally grown grapes (that taste completely different from any grapes I've ever had in Texas) that my wonderful host left out for me then headed into downtown. While looking for the theater I stumbled upon Tibits. I had read about it in preparation for my visit but didn't know where it was but I got of the tram and it just presented itself to me. It's sort of a cafeteria style place where you serve yourself and then they weigh your meal. It's all vegetarian with vegan stuff clearly labeled.

It was so good and I was so hungry that I ate there once before the screening and once after.

From the outside. (Awesome side note: there are
enough people on bikes that they have their own
traffic lights.)

The buffet.

I don't know what any of this is called because
everything was written in Swiss-German. I just
picked out stuff marked vegan.

The screening was awesome. It was in a beautiful old theater likely built before there were even films to be shown. Receive Bacon was the last of the block which worked out great because a lot of the films weren't comedies. I didn't have a Q&A (I was told that Swiss people are too shy so Q&A's usually don't go over well.) But I did get to introduce the film and myself. It was a fairly quiet screening compared to other festivals I've shown at but I think there is a cultural difference at play. To my relief I got lots of compliments after the screening was over.

The theater entrance

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Holy Shnit! Berne, Switzerland day 1

My wonderful host Sarah met me at the train station and after I settled into her lovely mid-century decorated flat she showed me around town.

Waiting on the train.

On the train: Zurich to Berne.

Some sites from the train window:

(I think I should try to make this my Swiss Nickname)

Around the corner from her apartment is the Rosengarten (not currently in full bloom) a park with an amazing view of the city.

Some sites around the city:
Berne's oldest tree, over 300 years old.

A giant cuckoo clock!

Amazing old church.

Food and beverage.

A vegetable spaetzle.

Local brew. The name translates to: "A Kiss of Berne."

Sarah couldn't tell me exactly what to call
this in English but it's like Corn Grits and a
faux-chicken in a peppery sauce (all "soya").

Then it was off to opening night festivities.

Checking in. On the wall they put the envelopes up
of all the entries they received.

The cover of the catalogue.

And when you open the first page. I can now officially
say I'm big in Switzerland, or at least Berne.
(Thanks to Nick for the awesome picture!)

The crowd waiting to cheer or boo at the
"Slam Movie Night"