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I find this to be quite brilliant and hilarious.
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I'm not sure that anyone outside of DFW reads this blog but if you happen to live in or know anyone who lives in: New York, San Francisco, Berkeley, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, Portland, Philadelphia, or Atlanta. Please go see Ciao. Check the website for screening dates as it is rolling out one city at at a time. The roll out starts this weekend in New York at the Landmark Sunshine.

I'm so proud of being involved with this film and couldn't be more proud of Yen and Jim for not just making it but actually getting it distributed and into theaters.

Here's the official trailer:


Oh yeah:

Announcements coming soon!


simeon | 7:35 PM

Can't wait for the new theater to come. Sign me up for some indie movie goodness. I can't believe i have to go to Dallas just to watch Slumdog Millionaire.

franco | 11:47 PM

i'm DOWN for THE CITIZEN!!!!
would love to help in any way!!!
miss you, my friend...hope to see you soon....and love the PROP 8 musical...nice...