The Time for Divisiveness is Over

This is an amazing speech. It is well worth watching the entire thing. The last half transcends anything I've ever heard a mainstream politician say.

My politics are squarely rooted in the Progressive Left mixed in with a few Libertarian tendencies. Speaking strictly in ideological terms there are third party/independent candidates that are a better choice for me than Barack Obama. But this election isn't about me. It's about the entire country. As I've matured into my mid-thirties I feel like I've learned a lot about politics and society. I have a very special vantage point that a lot of Americans don't. Being raised in a red state, constantly surrounded by some of the worst representations of Republicanism, I've seen what selfish "me" thinking has to offer. Fortunately, I've been able to contrast that by living in the bubble of one of the most liberal districts in Texas and a Progressive business that's like a sanctuary of my beliefs and ideals. However, being in that bubble hasn't stopped me from having to consider the thoughts and feelings of a large percentage of people around me who don't agree with me and might even see my way of thinking as dangerous for society.

What this has taught me is: Our country, as a whole, can't just be one way. It can't just serve one ideological interest. We NEED a moderate person for president. I don't want to live in a country where half of the people are pissed off all the time. Republicans have proven that they are okay with that. But as Progressives we have to be better than that. Obama is likely to win but that still leaves almost half the country voting for McCain. All those people's opinions still mean something and still have a place in this country.

And that is why I think Obama is the best candidate. While he definitely has liberal beliefs I also see his compassion and message of hope as a way of reaching out to everybody and trying to bring America back together. To put forth the idea that it's okay to disagree on things. We can find the issues that we do agree on and work on those together.

So yes, maybe Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney speak directly to my ideology but honestly, I don't think either one of them would make a good President. They offer the same divisiveness that we've had the last eight years.

Right now at this point in history we need a leader that can stand above all of that. I think Barack Obama is that candidate.


Tom Huckabee | 12:29 PM

Beautifully stated. When are you running for office?

valerie | 10:05 PM

i was gonna say what tom said. so instead i'll say... amen! which is weird, because i never say that (especially with an exclamation point). but that's what obama brings out in me. i'm listening to the speech right now.