Austin Film Festival

This weekend (and next week) Merrily, Merrily will be playing at the Austin Film Festival. I met Kelly Williams, the head programmer, while Deadroom was out on the fest circuit back in 2005. Ever since then he's kept up with me and thankfully he's still interested in the films I'm making. So thanks Kelly!

Here's info on the screenings:
Saturday 10/13 5:30pm at The Dobie
Wednesday 10/22 3:00pm at The Hideout

It's got an amazing line-up of films including a personal favorite of mine Mike Brune's The Adventure and a special TBA screening of Rock-a fire Explosion a doc made by some fine filmmakers from Houston that I met out at the Sidewalk Moving Pictures Festival. All around they've got some amazing stuff showing.

Since the fest is all about Screenwriters I'm looking forward to meeting some writers!

While in Austin, Mr. Bryan Poyser has been gracious enough to host Amy and I and I'm hoping he'll show me a sneak preview of his new short film called The Crane House. I watched some footage when we were in NYC and it looks amazing so far!

I'm also WAY excited to see the theatrical event (because it seems to be much more than a "play") The Casket of Passing Fancy which is co-created by and featuring my friend Rebecca Beegle. The show is doing gangbusters already from what I've read.