A sad day - RIP Orson

Sleeping in my lap - Jan. 08

When Amy and I went to the Humane Society searching for a missing cat we met this little gray and white kitten for the first time. As soon as I saw him I knew we had to take him home. He had the most boisterous meow and stretched his arms through the holes of his cage as far as they would go trying to get our attention. When we asked to see him as soon as the cage opened he immediately jumped in my arms and climbed to the top of my shoulders and set there purring.

He was a few months old, found living on the streets by himself. So we adopted him. How could we not? We named him Orson, full name was Orson Welles the Adventure Cat. He truly earned his name. He played like mad, climbed to the top of tall trees, jumped off of roofs, and wrestled with cats twice his size. He had a joyous spirit and lived life for all it's worth.

At night he loved to nestle his face into my beard and go to sleep purring so loud I could hardly sleep myself. His favorite napping spot was my office chair where he'd curl up tight covering his eyes with a paw. He was enthralled by the shower - so curious about what went on in there. After every shower as soon as the water was off, he'd jump in there and look around.

Whatever he did it was always with utmost glee.

Playing on my desk after I dragged him from playing in the fireplace, Jan. 08.

Last night, just after midnight Orson passed due to complications with Kitty Leukemia. It happened very suddenly with no warning. One day he was playing and running around full of youthful exuberance and the next day his body was being ravaged by internal bleeding. He wasn't even a year old.

We laid him to rest under the rose bush in our backyard.

Before meeting Amy I never thought I'd admit out loud that I loved a cat but indeed I did love that little friend of mine. He was the best damn cat a big lug like me ever could've had.

Me and Orson, Jul. 08


Kim | 8:22 PM

That truly breaks my heart. I am so sorry to hear about your cat.

valerie | 9:19 PM

james, you tell a very beautiful story about orson's life. he brought so much joy into your home, and at the same time he was so lucky to have you and amy, the best kitten parents ever! he lived the most wonderful life a kitty can possibly live. that's why he picked you and amy to take him home.

pete g | 10:40 AM

oh man, I am sorry. I love my kitties, and a few years ago my dog died suddenly like orson. it really hurts.

Bryan P | 11:23 AM

Oh no! So sad. I was so looking forward to playing with that little bugger again. So sorry, James & Amy!

Curtis | 5:45 PM

Like his namesake, Orson will be remembered for pushing the boundaries of what his species is capable of. He'll be sorely missed.

Adan | 9:05 PM

My hearts with you and Amy, brother. I know what it's like to lose an family member like this. Keep his memory close to your heart and he'll bring a smile to you in the future, once the hardest part of the grief has past. Lots o' love!

Amy S | 8:00 AM

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. He had a wonderful life thanks to you two.

Don@PetalumaFilms.com | 10:39 PM

Dude. As a newly found pet lover, I feel your pain on losing Orson. Sorry for making fun of cat lovers last weekend.