Receive Bacon - the shoot, the edit

The shoot: Fun and excellent. Jonny and Kelli are such great performers with wonderful attitudes to boot. The crew was tight and all the background extras were on point. I had a lot of fun.

The edit: Oy vey. Not so fun. I already knew but this project in particular has verified that I DO NOT like to edit my own films. My judgement gets way to clouded by what I meant when I wrote the script and the moments and visuals I fall in love with while shooting. This script was about two and a half pages. The cut so far is almost 7 minutes! I don't know what else to take out.

I'm kind of glad I'll be out of town all next week. It will give me a chance to quit thinking about it and come back fresh the week after. Then I have to start killing my babies.


This is pretty comical:

I don't understand how someone could be so excited over McCain. Maybe he used to offer something different but definitely not anymore. Then again, maybe he's just using this appalling, divisive right wing Karl Rove type stuff to get the vote out and win. Then he'll swoop in and be the centrist superman that nobody wants him to be! I don't know, I'm not a Republican, maybe that guy knows something I don't.


Clay Liford | 11:31 PM

Don't over cut! If it works at 7 minutes, let it be 7 minutes. Lemme see that f'er!