On the eve of Receive Bacon

I'm shooting a new short film tomorrow. This time it's a really short film. Thanks to Bryan Poyser for hooking me up with two great actors from Austin, Jonny Mars and Kelli Bland. Thanks to David for convincing me to do it now instead of later. Thanks to Brad for letting me use the Chat Room Pub for the shoot. Thanks to Tim for loaning me some key equipment. And of course, thanks to Clay and the rest of the crew who will be waking up early on a Sunday to help me make the film possible.

It's gonna be a fun shoot for a fun little film. I hope to have it edited by the time I land in NYC to help rep St. Nick at IFP Independent Film Week.


In other news:

Merrily, Merrily has been accepted to three new festivals for the fall: Sidewalk Moving Pictures Festival, Naperville Independent Film Festival, and Austin Film Festival. Amazing! I'm happy we're getting some more play this year. I'd like to get the film online at some point. Just trying to find a good online home for it.


Bryan P | 5:03 PM

Rock on, James!

valerie | 8:58 PM

that's cool about merrily, merrily. you should submit it to balinale as well. the deadline is the 15th of this month.

i hope the shoot went well! i can't wait to see what it's all about...

Curtis | 6:36 PM

Diop!.........what the hell.
I just tried to type "Dope" but it came out "Diop." I'm gonna just go with it. I can't wait to see Receive Bacon. It's gonna be Diop. Quit tryin' to act like I'm a steamboat operator.