A visit to St. Louis and Springfield, MO. Art House Cinema is coming to FW!

You never know when Tom Waits will decide to stop touring for good so Amy and I took the opportunity to see two shows of this tour. Thus after Dallas we went to Missouri to see him in St. Louis at the Fabulous Fox Theater. That show was probably one of my favorites of the four I've seen. He played an amazing set to match the breathtaking theater space he was performing in.

Before we hit St. Louis though we stopped in Springfield to visit Dan and Nicole Chilton's wonderful art house cinema called Moxie Cinema. Not only are Dan and Nicole wonderful humans and gracious hosts but they run a damn fine business there in Springfield (a town I find very similar to Denton here in our area.) We met them through David who is working on a short documentary about the theater and their drive and ambition in creating it.

The reason for the visit to Moxie was research. If you don't know Amy and I personally then you probably haven't heard that Amy is in the beginning stages of her next business venture. That venture being a real Art House Cinema in Fort Worth (of course I'll be helping her out but just like Spiral it will be her baby). We've already been perusing suitable buildings and are very dedicated to keeping the theater in the Near Southside (where Spiral FW is.) Our hopes are to have the theater up and running by 2009. As I mentioned, we're still in the very beginning stages but here are the plans thus far: It will be called "The Citizen Theater", it will be a modest sized theater in art deco style. There will be two screens with a heavy emphasis on exceptional picture and sound quality playing both first run art house films and repertory films as well as undistributed indie films (but only the best of the best.) We'll have a mini-cafe in the lobby serving organic popcorn, wine and beer, coffee and espresso, sodas, juices and smoothies as well as some of the other Spiral goodies you know and love (no full meals here, just snacks and desserts, maybe a veggie wrap or two.)

Amy's very excited about this and will be working on it full speed ahead by the end of the year.

But before we can open the theater we have to get our cookbook written!


In other news:
While in New York, Keith Uhlich editor of the great blog The House Next Door was kind enough to invite me to be on their podcast which has been posted online today. It's a fun and rowdy listen so enjoy: http://www.thehousenextdooronline.com/2008/07/lichman-rizov-live-at-grassroots.html


Bryan P | 11:46 AM

Yes!! So excited about your plans for the theater! If you need any help, please let me know...

Erik Donald France | 11:54 PM

This is fantastic news. I'm fixing to move to the Ft. Worth area ca. this fall and was chagrined to see, apparently, no art houses -- until I came across this. I'd be happy to work there or do something to promote y'all and regardless, wish you great success.

Cities need good movie houses, among other things.

Three cheers from Motown -- a place that even in sharp economic decline does maintain a healthy sense of movie culture.