GDMF - Watch the whole damn thing online now.

A little under two years ago I shot GDMF. Now it is finally available in full for public viewing.

My friend and fellow Fort Worth filmmaker Erik Clapp's upstart film website is hosting the film. Erik saw the film when it played at Dallas Video Festival about a year and a half ago and told me way back then about his idea to start an online site for local short films. Thanks to him for taking a chance with GDMF for his site.

I would also like to thank David Lowery for consistently encouraging me to put the film online. I was always hesitant about it and worried about how it would play. His advice was to just put it out there and let it find an audience for better or worse.

I am severely proud of the film. It's definitely one of those projects that has enriched me as a filmmaker and will always mean a lot to me personally. It represents everything I needed to be doing to move forward in my creativity. I'm most proud of learning to hone in on my instincts and follow them at almost every turn. One of the prime examples of this was the casting of Abbey Collins as the lead. I literally saw a picture of her on one of my friends MySpace pages and followed the link to look at her page and knew she was it. Even though she was a completely inexperienced non-actor, somehow I knew it. I didn't even audition her. I just set down and had a conversation with her (David in tow to make sure I wasn't crazy) and we both agreed. She was it. When I watch her raw, honest, tour de force performance I know I made the right decision.

I've typed and erased many sentences where I felt the need to somehow make excuses for certain aspects of the film or the process of making it but in the end that is pointless and weak. You'll either like it or you won't.

Either way, I hope that you'll watch it and let me know what you think.

Visit the GDMF page where you can find info on the film with it streaming in standard definition along with links to audio commentary by Abbey and myself and a little behind-the-scenes video.

For best quality please watch GDMF in streaming HD here:

WARNING: This does contain mature content and is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Also, it's 30 minutes long so it's a bit of a time commitment.