St. Nick - Prelude

Tomorrow morning St. Nick begins shooting. I'm sitting up at Spiral waiting for Amy who is decorating a cake to be used in a scene tomorrow. As I wait I'm going over everything - the schedule, the cast/crew list, when we should do lunch on certain days, making sure there will be food the kids like to eat, etc. These are all logistical things that are necessary for a good shoot. While these calculations work through, in the back of my mind there is a very emotional pool of thought churning. So now I pause to commit it in full.

David and I have been making films together for eight years now. The very first film I ever worked on was David's. I think it's something we've gotten pretty good at by now. We've had great moments and had our hearts broken. Never have we been detoured. Never has there been a doubt that if I'm making something or he's making something that we wouldn't be working with each other in one form or another. There are very few people I hold close. I mean the type that I know I can call at 3am in the morning when I need help and they'll be there no doubt no question. David is one of those.

Now on the eve of what is technically David's first feature film I find my heart filled with an innocent pride. St. Nick is a beautiful work in motion. The script and story are an emotional landscape of deep resonance. Carefully selected are the elements and that which will represent them on screen. The children, the house, the props, and the visual language are all attuned. Everything feels too right to be anything but positive. I truly feel this film will find David at his finest yet.

So congrats to David for putting together a wonderful project. I'm honored to once again be a part of your growing artistic canon.