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Quick Feet, Soft Hands

Here's a quite amazing trailer for the short film Quick Feet, Soft Hands by Paul Harrill of Self Reliant Filmmaker fame. This is really one of the greatest trailers I've seen in a good long while. Can't wait to see the finished film.

Quick Feet, Soft Hands - Trailer from Paul Harrill on Vimeo.
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How Interesting, How Bizarre

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Welcome to the world Sylvie Abigail!

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Heavy Winds in FW Today!

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The Q10 Project - Celebrating Gay Cinema

In working with the Lone Star Film Festival I realized how much fun it is to help get other peoples work out into the world. I enjoyed balancing my own artistic endeavors – typically my relationship with fests is that of (begging) filmmaker - by introducing other works to an audience as a programmer. So, I promised myself that as long as I’m in Fort Worth I would actively work to help bring films to the eyes of an audience in need of content. Or at least try to help the people of Fort Worth realize that they do indeed NEED content.

My second chance at doing this came through Todd Camp the Director of the Qcinema International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which takes place here in Fort Worth. I spoke with him and asked what I could do to help QCinema. I was honored when he asked me to become a board member.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Qcinema Festival and to celebrate Todd and his partner Doug had an idea to make mini-documentaries of people talking about their personal connections to gay film. Being a filmmaker I asked if they would allow me to take over that project. Thus The Q10 Project was born.

Each episode features someone talking about a moment in cinema that exults the gay experience or has a personal connection to his or her life. The Q10 mini-docs will act as trailers before films playing at the festival and as online advertising for the fest.

The first episode is Michael McDermott speaking about the film “Sordid Lives” and is available here on the Q10 Vimeo Channel: http://www.vimeo.com/q10. Please do check it out and pass it on. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back because there will be more in the coming weeks!

While you’re there checkout some of my other work on Vimeo at http://www.vimeo.com/jmj.

NOTE: If there is anyone out there who has a passion for this subject and has skills in graphic editing and is willing to donate your time, please contact me. I would like there to be more visually pleasing graphics and titles for the episodes but alas, I have no skills in that arena myself!
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Upward Spiral

"After finding unlikely success as Cowtown's lone vegan eatery, Spiral Diner is basking in accolades from a national magazine - and is branching out into Dallas."

Pretty awesome article in the Star-Telegram about Spiral: http://www.star-telegram.com/408/story/412658.html
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07 - 'Twas a good year for film

I don't really care about list but I must say that if I had to pick one my personal favorite film of 2007 was The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.
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The Lone Star International Film Fest and the firing of Tom Huckabee

I have to wonder by what accident and ill state of mind the Lone Star Film Society Executive Committee under the leadership of Chairman Johnny Langdon must have been when they fired Tom Huckabee as Artistic Director of the Lone Star Independent Film Festival. Especially when on their own website front-page it states in big bold letters “Inaugural Lone Star International Film Festival a great success” over a picture of smiley faced Bill Paxton and Harry Dean Stanton, two of the celebrities that Huckabee hand delivered to Fort Worth along with that success they’re speaking about.

A native of Fort Worth, Huckabee has worked as a filmmaker in Hollywood for nearly 30 years. He came back home early last year for his family and was tapped to run this fest. Needless to say he has true experience in this industry with lots of connections.

When hired on there was already too little time, not enough money and way too many egos to really pull together a festival. Huckabee commandeered the situation with a mighty heart and managed to pull off a world-class festival for three reasons: he loves Fort Worth, he loves Film and he had a great crew.

That exceptional crew included Managing Director Pete Asplund, Advisory Board Chairman Bill Paxton, Head Programmer Alec Jhangiani, and a slew of other key contributors like Julio Cedillo and Jenny Jopling. I too volunteered, acting as a member of the Programming Committee for the festival. Therefore I got to watch from the inside as this ship came into port. I tell you now that never has a captain and his crew faced such storms and choppy waters as Huckabee did on this maiden voyage.

As a filmmaker I’ve visited many film festivals in this fine country of ours. My experience has varied and I’ve learned a lot about how this system works. I promise you that this first year festival truly did hold it’s own in the world of festivals.

There was a perfect blend of celebrities and local filmmakers and big name films alongside foreign and underground films that most of the Fort Worth populace might never be exposed too. The parties were packed. Happiness and fellowship abounded. People from all over the country were here talking about how wonderful and laid back Fort Worth is. I heard the comment over and over that this is a perfect place for a festival. Never have I felt more proud to be a native son of this great city.

Of course there were some problems. No first year festival of any size happens without a few mishaps. Even still, under the leadership of Huckabee the festival was a great success. Working with his team he delivered us an institution that if nurtured can sit right alongside the Van Cliburn Competition and our wonderful museums as another reason Fort Worth is a world class city for art and one of the most livable cities in the US.

Yet, a little more than a month after the festival Huckabee was unceremoniously fired and Asplund’s contract was allowed to expire. It’s rumored that several important board members have quit in protest of the insular actions of the Executive Committee. Now several contributors like Paxton, Jopling, Cedillo and myself have vowed not to return to the festival. With board members, key supporters, and Huckabee leaving so does the hope of a viable second year festival. With so much potential for greatness and a chance to build on the success of the first festival one has to wonder what the logic is.

Maybe the subject of this article is the problem. Someone’s ego got bruised and they felt the need to horde all the glory and power for themselves. Now they’re left with one golden egg but the goose is gone and our whole city will suffer the loss. My only hope now is that cooler heads will prevail and Mr. Huckabee will be allowed back in and given the chance to deliver a bigger and better festival this year.
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Creative Animation

Loving this video.

Danse (dance) from Remyyy on Vimeo.
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Rejected by SXSW. That one really hurts!