Wearing fur means you're a jerk, wearing fake fur can still mean you're a jerk

Holiday Shoppers Beware: Six Major Retailers Selling Real Fur as Faux

So basically fuck fur in all it's forms, faux or not. Is it really that important to LOOK like you're wearing fur.

Not that any fur wearing assholes read my blog but how ignorant do you have to be to wear your fur into Spiral? Use your fucking brain for one second and show some respect so we don't have to "respectfully" ask you to not wear it the next time you come to eat.


Pete | 6:49 PM

I have been really surprised at the amount of fur coats I've seen out this year. I guess it's partly because I tend to go to places where the typical crowd hasn't updated their wardrobe since the 80's, but I honestly don't remember seeing this much fur in a LONG time.

Anonymous | 10:52 AM

Now c'mon buddy, people buy fake beef jerky strips in the diner. I'm sure some people don't realize they are wearing fake fur in the lining of their coats. Unless you saw somebody wearing a fake mink scarf or warming themselves with a fake bear skin rug.

Omar was wearing a fake coonskin cap in there yesterday. He asked if it would be offensive and if he should take it off. I told him nobody would really care.
Sorry Jamesy.

jmj | 11:19 AM

I'm not saying wearing fake fur makes you a jerk. I'm just saying you feel like a jerk if you've been wearing fake fur and then realize you've been tricked. Also, it's my personal opinion that faux fur, even though it's fake is still advertising the legitimacy of fur as a fashion. One could say the same thing for faux leather shoes but at least in that case there is a functional purpose being that they are waterproof and more durable than canvas shoes.

Omar is cool tell him not to worry about it.

Anonymous | 1:37 PM

There have been many such reports - take P.Diddy's/Sean Puffy Combs/Whatever his name is now's fashion line. They had to pull a few of the ranges because they contained raccoon dog (often mistaken for a domestic dog.) There have also been reports of clothing items testing positive for dog/cat fur, apparently from China. This is why the European Union wants to ban dog/cat fur imports from China.

And this is the reason i don't buy fur, whether real or faux. It's such a cruel, deceptive industry.