Vimeo - A great new service for Filmmakers

There is an amazing video hosting site called Vimeo. One great thing is that it exist to solely promote creative self-made content, not just a dumping ground for anything like YouTube. Technically, that's nothing new though, sites like and Brightcove do that. But there is just something about the vibe at this site that feels good as a filmmaker. What really sets Vimeo head and shoulders above the rest is that you can upload and stream full HD clips for free. That's right, beautiful 1280x720 HD. Of course you do have to use H.264 compression. Even with that it looks phenomonal compared to what YouTube and other video content sites offer. Plus, they will host the original file (QT or otherwise) for people to download too. The site is very intuitive and easy to use and it has great options for presenting your videos. Another plus is while a video plays all branding goes away leaving just the screen with the footage playing.

The one major drawback is that you can't embed your video on other sites as HD, instead it bumps it down to normal streaming SD. So for people to see that beautiful streaming HD they have to follow a link back to your Vimeo page. Also, there are no promises that the HD settings will always be free. Right now you can upload 500 mb per week. However, they've hinted that in the future to keep it free that limit might go down to somewhere around 200 mb per week. Other than that it's a damn near perfect site and one of the best tools I've seen for indie filmmakers to get their online content to the public looking the best possible.

Here's a link to the Merrily, Merrily trailer in HD: if you want to check it out.


Just another anonymous kook | 3:09 PM

Good call. Even the SD format is better looking then YouTube. David uploaded 'Eastbound' to both Vimeo and YouTube and the YouTube version is complete shite!