Tim Fite

“As much as I need to pay my bills, and it'd be great to sell some records, this is not a record for sale. These ideas are not for sale. These ideas should be for free."

At SXSW in 2006 there was an Anti Records Showcase at Central Presbyterian Church featuring Billy Braggs, Rambling Jack Elliott, Marty Stuart, Jolie Holland, and a few other bands I hadn’t heard of. There were some whispering rumors that Tom Waits might even show up. Needless to say Amy and I made sure we were there along with our friends. I'll save you the suspense now; Tom Waits did not show up. However, this didn't leave any feeling of disappointment because a fine show it was indeed. One of the great finds of the evening was Tim Fite. Using the setting of the church to his advantage and dressed in a full white suit, he blazed into an opening spoken word number with a great Southern Preacher impression. He was saying stuff a preacher would never say though. My interest was peaked. He continued on doing several songs blending folk and hip-hop. When Amy and I got back to Fort Worth we picked up his album Gone Ain’t Gone right away. It completely lived up to everything promised in the live show.

Earlier this year, Fite released a new album called Over The Counterculture. Equal parts indictment of consumerism and the highjacking of hip-hop by bogus hustler/gangsta posturing. Again, he blends his music into a hodge-podge of folk and hip-hop influences with a little more rhyming this time around. It’s a wonderful album full of great production and lyrics. In keeping with the theme of the album he decided to release the record entirely free online. That is an amazing and honorable action to take. Especially since Anti very much wanted to release the album as his follow up to Gone Ain’t Gone.

I encourage everyone to download the album and give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed plus it’s free!

Download all of Over The Counterculture (49 mb zip file.)