Sitting by the River

Last night I got the outline done for my first full sleeve. It is a giant river running down my arm. From the top of my shoulder all the way to my hand. Unfortunately it's just the outline for now. The human body can only take so much at a time. The outline is the most painful, akin to having someone etch a drawing on your top layer of skin with a knife. Except it doesn't feel like cutting it feels more like a scraping. Anyway, I'm sure it sounds worse than it really is. Everyone should try getting a tattoo. It's fun and you won't have boring skin. Shading is much less painful but is a much bigger bitch in the healing stage (it's like having a really bad sunburn.) Now I just have to wait for the outline to heal and save up some more money and I can go back and have it finished. I'll refrain from putting up any pictures until it's done.

Speaking of pictures. I had another photo shoot on Tuesday. It went really well. I can't wait to REVEAL my new life as a model to everyone!

BTW- You no longer have the excuse of not getting a tattoo because you can't afford it or don't know what to get. Liberty Electric Tattoo, the parlor my tattoo artist Carl owns, has a new special: Every Tuesday night you can go in and for $40 pick a tattoo out of the "Grab Bag." For those who don't know $40 is extremely cheap, especially for a custom designed tattoo which is what the grab bag is full of. If you don't like what you draw the first time you can pay $5 for a redraw.