The thumbnails below link to three new ads for my blog that photographer Nick Prendergast put together for me. With a little help from my friends I hope to paste about 100 of these up all around SXSW this coming week.

The ad campaign is about way more than just promoting myself and the website though. When Nick and I first talked about this it was in terms of making a statement. Nick shoots a lot of fashion and works with a lot of models. Hearing his stories and looking at fashions shots in magazines made me wonder why I couldn't be a model.

I think we're all aware of the oceanic differences between the anorexic promoting fashion industry and the real women of America. I think the same problem exist for men as well. I've always found there to be a distinct quality about the American Male. A quality never found in the androgynous waifs and Greek god statuesque bodies of modern fashion. The manliness I'm speaking of can not be found in the lazy football watching low-brow dads that television likes to portray either. What I'm referring to can be more appropriately defined by the rugged individual working hard for his keep. More specifically I'm thinking of the masses of forgotten men that Hollywood and the Runways get wrong. The ones who work hard, take care of their ladies and like to look good doing it. They don't spend hours a day sculpting their bodies. They're not metrosexual. They are real men.

I'm not a shy person and I've got a healthy self image so I figured why not be a REAL MAN MODEL. Therefore these photos represent not just a promotion for my website but me staking my claim as a model in the fashion industry.

Nick and I will be doing more REAL MAN MODEL ads in the future. My goal is to give a few popular ad campaigns a slight "attitude adjustment." This series will redefine the way you look at underwear!


Jmac5000 | 2:48 PM




Goddamn that's a sexy man! This is the best thing I've seen in at least 36 months! THE BEST!

I love you, you mean ol' sailor.


marc | 10:28 PM

I'd do whatever it takes to get that man inside me - ANYTHANG!