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Robert Altman died the night before Tom Waits new album came out. This is something that makes complete sense and should be explored further. Both artist came to me later in life thanks to my wife's expansive taste. I had never seen an Altman film (aside from Popeye as a kid), or listened to a Tom Waits song until I was in my late 20's when I met Amy. She being an avid fan of both set me down in front a DVD player and then a record player and made me (willingly) partake in many sessions of these artists works. My creative life hasn't been the same sense.

Congrats to Yen who is damn near picture lock on "Ciao." I saw the cut last night and it's a touching, slow burn of a masterwork.

In addition to filmmaking and cooking I've taken on a suprising new side-career. Through a strange set of circumstances I was able to attain a close ally in the world of modeling. She is very adament about a new wave of fashion type that is bursting at the seams so she hooked me up with some photographers and such and I've been doing some modeling. One of the most suprising shoots I've been invited to do was for underwear. Well a pretty major company has taken notice of the underwear shots and sometime (hopefully) at the beginning of next year I'll have some ads coming out. I don't want to say anymore at this point for fear of jinxing it but holy crap it's gonna be cool.