Some Analog Lines (vote)

If you read this blog you probably already read my good friend David Lowery's blog. But just in case I wanted to make sure you all know that David's film Some Analog Lines is one of three finalist for the SXSWclick Festival, an online film festival sponsored by South By Southwest. He is up for two prizes a Jury prize and the Audience Award. The latter is where you come in. Please go here to watch the film:, then vote for it.

Some Analog Lines is one of my favorite works by David and as you'll see when you watch it, it is a highly affecting personal essay film.

Enjoy and don't forget to vote. As David said "...while I really don't feel like staging a campaign or urging people to go out of their way to send those ballots in, I certainly won't complain if the mood strikes anyone to do so. I do feel like urging people to take a look at the film, though, because I'm really proud of it, and want people to see it."