Items Of Interest I

Deadroom Screening - We are screening Deadroom in the D.C. area thanks to DIY Filmmaker Sujewa and Capitol City Microcinema for hosting us. Here's all the details:
DATE: Thursday, May 25th
TIME: 7:00pm
PLACE: Kensington Row Bookshop
3786 Howard Ave. Kensington, MD 20895

Maybe W. will come and show some support for his home state filmmakers.

"Eco-Terrorism" Witchhunts - Check out this article about the SHAC 7 to get yourself oriented and then check out the authors blog called Green is the New Red. Seriously, whether you are vegan or not, this is very wrong and it's implications can reach into any sort of activism.

Monster Road DVD - I saw this film back when Deadroom played the Texas Film Festival. It really is an amazing piece of work. It's about the animator Bruce Bickford who serves as a true inspiration to any and all artist. The filmmaker Brett Ingram is a stand-up fellow who's given us a truly honest peek into the inner-workings of not only claymation but what it's like to be obsessive about your art.

Please show some support and and buy the DVD. They are self-distributing it through the website. It really says something when a great documentary that wins best doc at Slamdance and is picked up to play on the Sundance Channel can't get a decent DVD distro deal.

Young American Bodies - Joe Swanberg is cool and so are his films Kissing on the Mouth and LOL. Now he's doing a internet series for

Metrognome - An up and coming local arts collective that is trying to harness a DIY film collective here in Fort Worth. Here's a word from James Watkins, whose blood, sweat, and tears goes into making Metrognome a success: "Serious Filmmakers are hard to find in Fort Worth. At least they have been until now. Metrognome is dedicated to independent cinema in all its forms, and to further public awareness and create an independent-filmmakers support group, we are trying to put together a local, not-for-profit film center in the Untitled #1518 building. Equipped for screenings, meetings, lectures, production and post-production work, the 1000 square foot space will be a home for local filmmakers to collaborate, promote their works, arrange screenings, client meetings, and more. Filmmakers, production companies, or businesses interested in participating-in, volunteering for, or sponsoring this venture should come out for an introductory meeting at 7:30pm on Sunday May 14th at the Spiral Diner at 1314 W.Magnolia, Fort Worth TX 76104. After a meet-and-greet at the Spiral, we will be heading over to the Metrognome to look at the space and discuss the possibilities it holds."

IndieLoop - A Myspace type of thing but specifically for Independent film from the great folks at IndieWire. You can find my profile here: JMJ.

Wristcutters: A Love Story - Saw it. Like it. Tom Waits is brilliant in everything he does.

Colbert Video - This thing is spreading like wildfire on the internet. In case you haven't seen it please watch all three parts attentively. A true roast that even a vegan can enjoy.