Jaye Luckett | 2:25 PM

Aw, I'm tellin..... I saw boobies on your site! ;)

James, good to see the shoot went so lovely and swiftly for you.

It's very eye opening reading about what you all have been going through with regards to FWW and their ilk, and how the indie community is treated there. You're right about the superstore vs. local business thing, too. I suppose I've been preaching to the choir all this time. You've handled it all with much more class and tact than I might have mustered. It's sometimes hard to separate emotion from passion, to a level where it still seems rational, when you're disappointed by certain truths and realizations. That is probably my greatest weakness, but one of your many great strengths. I admire you more and more with every passing day. When I grow up, I wanna be just like JMJ, beard and all. ;)

Know that I stand in solidarity with you all, and am working very hard... perhaps, I will one day be able to put my money and my mouth, where my heart is and give you all some factual support, from the larger community of kindred souls. In the meantime, keep on crankin' out the visual jams and keep on being the class act, that you are!

Love ya!