Dishes are Done Dude

Principal photography for GDMF is officially done. Now it's on to post-production in about two weeks. First we have to get all the little stuff ready for the Deadroom DVD. I guess I shouldn't say "we." At this point David and Yen are doing most or all of the work. I just have to show up for commentary recording and chime in my 2 cents about the behind the scenes documentary.

I suppose I should post some tales of the shoot. But I'm too tired right now. Hopefully I'll have some pics to put up soon. All in all I'm very happy. Things got crazy a few times. There were a few loose cannons on the ship to make it interesting. All the actors did fantastic but Abbey really amazed me. She went beyond my expectations. Of course any actress who's favorite all time film is A Woman Under The Influence has got to have something going on behind those eyes. She really pulled out all the stops considering she had no script to lead her.

I'm going to sleep.