I, Heart, Poperratic

This is awesome:

Now that's the way to handle the elephant in the room. I saw The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things last year at SXSW. I've thought about it a lot since then and I think it's a really good film. I really need to watch it again to solidify my opinion of it. Either way, I hope the whole J.T. LeRoy "scandal" doesn't overshadow a film that stands completely on it's own outside of all that.

Major congrats are in order for Jaye Luckette (blog) on signing a full record deal. Her wonderful band Poperratic (official site, myspace page) just signed to the indie label Rebelution Records. I wish her much luck and success. She's a true, hardworking artist and she deserves it.

Another congrats to Cammi who had a baby: Curtis Elliott. He'll always be Tophat Ratheath to me.

So, I'm off to SXSW 2006 in a couple of days and then it's a mad fury of industry getting GDMF ready to shoot by March 31.


Jaye Luckett | 9:02 PM


Aw, thank you, Mr. Good to see some other great news popping up, too. Send Mr. Lowery my best!

I've been recording but have been trying to make my way through the scripts. I wanted to have some feedback before you shot... you don't need any really, but I wanted to feel useful! I have my fingers crossed for you that it goes without a hitch and that it's everything you envisioned. When you come up for air, give a shout. I'll be checkin in here, for some updates too.

I'm proud of you! Do it, James!