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SXSW 2006

LOL (website, SXSW page)
4:15 PM, Monday March 13th - Austin Convention Ctr
1:30 PM, Wednesday March 15th - Austin Convention Ctr
9:45 PM, Saturday March 18th - Austin Convention Ctr

Jumping Off Bridges (website, SXSW page, Kat's blog
2:30 PM, Saturday March 11th - Alamo S. Lamar 2
1:30 PM, Thursday March 16th - Paramount

The Cassidy Kids(SXSW page, Bryan's blog)
7:00 PM, Sunday March 12th - Paramount
4:45 PM, Wednesday March 15th - Alamo Downtown

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing A Prairie Home Companion and I can't wait to watch V for Vendetta again. I'm know there is tons of other stuff to see and it will be nice to gorge myself on good films as a normal audience member. No guilt this time thinking I should be out talking to people, making connections and what not. This time I'm just there to support the fest, my friends with films and watch great films.

In GDMF news, rehearsals are going better than I could ever imagine. I can't wait to put these folks in front of a camera.
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Filmmaking For The Poor: The Easy Path to Becoming A Professional Indie Filmmaker

Filmmaking For The Poor: The Easy Path to Becoming A Professional Indie Filmmaker

This is a really great Manifesto. I especially love these parts:

"forget confusing fame, wealth, power for love & health (forever)"

"[And on a purely creative note:
creativity is a powerful gift & ability, use it wisely
being able to make a movie is a rare ability in the history of this world, use that power well
seek out things that should be celebrated but aren't, celebrate them, your peers will reward you for it
seek out things that should be articulated (because doing so will make life more livable for some or many people), no matter how painful, articulate those things through your art, you will be making the world a better place]"