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My Large Forearms

Thanks for the reminder David. There is a nice little article about me in The Fort Worth Weekly:

For the record: I don't know if I misspoke or Kristian (the reporter) heard me wrong but I meant to say $15,000 not $50,000.
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The New World

GDMF has a website now: GDMF.beautifulconfusion.com. Check it out and tell me what you think so far. Special thanks to David for putting it together.

The New World is the best movie in the world right now. After seeing it a second time last night my belief was reaffirmed. It's kind of like going to church in the Sistine Chapel and catching the holy spirit. I plan to see it many more times before it leaves the theater. Those plans will probably distill into only one more viewing but I'd like to see it much more.

Congrats to Joe, Kat, and Bryan.

Speaking of Joe, you should definitely check out the new website and trailer for LOL. I'm one of the lucky few able to see a rough cut of LOL. I absolutely can't rave enough about this film. I've watched it twice already and I just can't get over the amazing performances especially by Kevin Bewersdorf. The direction and relevance of it's story is so on point. I really hope this one blows the fuck up.

I also got a chance to see a rough cut of The Cassidy Kids. Produced by Bryan, it's as different as can be from LOL. Actually, LOL is more akin to Bryan's Indie Spirit Nominated Dear Pillow although they are different films in there own right. Anyway, TCK is a well crafted character drama/mystery and deserves all the fest attention it can get as well.