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The Outlaw Son (recap)

Thank goodness for The Outlaw Son. For a while there I thought intimate personal filmmaking was an ideal. A pipedream. Producing this film completely restored my will and faith in making films my way. What a wonderful, compelling shoot it was. I’d happily be a producer if it is these kind of films from beautiful minded artist like David. To me the thrill of making it small and warm was far greater than that of working on a million plus dollar clown show that most sets seem to be (or want to be, even if they don’t have the money.)

We had nine people on the crew (plus or minus a few here and there.) The majority of the time spent standing around waiting was by the crew instead of the actors. I’ve never worked on a set like that before. I loved it. The lights were set, camera and sound ready to roll but David needed more time to rehearse with the actors. So we waited and there was no stress. I was happy for them to be spending the extra time. In the end we had an entire extra roll of 400ft film left over!

Traditionally film sets are very stressful and fast moving but I’m proud to say that not only was this shoot efficient and effective but was equally laid back and fun. Kyle and Machete fit right into the set like old pros even though this was their first time acting in film. The entire crew was wonderful (especially Clay Liford who I would call MVP for the shoot) and I’m looking forward to working with all of them again. I’m really in love with this style of working and I can’t wait to do it again on my upcoming trilogy of shorts.

We had a fine moment in Guerilla Filmmaking when we faked an airport terminal at a hospital. We had every person on the crew acting as an extra carrying various suitcases walking through an exterior foyer at the hospital for about 45 minutes and me standing with my cell phone keeping a close eye on the security desk. Yet, no one stopped us or even asked us any questions. We just had nine people walking around with bags and nobody cared.

The majority of the crew and the cast stayed at my house making it a slumber party every night. Aside from Kyle being really sick and Machete getting sick the last day everything went smoothly and aptly so, Kyle’s sickness played into the film very well. We got a wonderful deal on the camera and lighting equipment from MPS. These guys truly support independent filmmaking so please go rent from them if you’re looking for gear. They actually know what it’s about and love to work with people doing what they love. I’d also like to give a huge thanks to my wonderful wife Amy for giving up not only her house for our slumber parties but also her restaurant for the entire shoot. She is gracious beyond my worth.

Right now I'm sittinging in the living room of my good friend Jim McMahon waiting for my lovely wife Amy and my best friend David to arrive in L.A. for a week of respite. They are driving across the desert plains as I type this.

Major congrats to Jim on landing a sales rep for his directorial debut Bloodshed.
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Rehearsals and BNAT 7

Austin this weekend was spirit swelling. First I met with Abbey, Anika, and Cory for a discussion about their respective characters and the joint backstory that they all share. I gotta tell you, I have definitely hit the nail on the head with this cast. I mean everyone is so on point and into their characters. This is going to be truly compelling experience. Since Abbey is in Dallas she rode down to Austin with Amy, David and I. She's a truly amazing personality. I'm really glad that I followed my instincts in casting her.

Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to Butt-Numb-A-Thon Seven. I have completely rediscovered my love affair with films. Call me a filmgeek and I will wear the tag with pride. The 24 hour movie marathon is inexplicable. You have to experience it to understand it. Many other people including David will explain all the details much better than me. But here's a list of the films:
The Most Dangerous Game
King Kong: Yes, it really is as good and brilliant as most people are saying. If you just let it take you away you will be in love with this movie.
Betty Boop Short
Footlight Parade
Sick Girl (Masters of Horror Series): Props to Lucky, Angela, and Jaye.
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
The Professionals: Classic western that I've never seen. Brilliant performances all around. I'm in love with this movie and I need to watch it again.
District 13
Cigarette Burns (Masters of Horror Series)
The Descent: Holy Fucking shitballs this is scary. I mean truly creepy. I can't wait to make Kara watch it.
Stunt Rock: Good god.
Fuhrer in Your Face (Donald Duck Short)
V for Vendetta: I can't believe that a major studio is putting this out. I hope there is a major shit storm happening after this film lands. V is for Anarchy, V is for revolution. This film will be hard to top next year.
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Cast up

GDMF is now fully cast. Abbey Collins (Bridgette), Cory Criswell (Mark), Anika Kunik (Violet), and Hanna Hardin (Loretta) are now charged with the incredible task of bringing brilliant performances to my skeleton of a script. I know they can do it. They are an incredibly interesting group of people and I can't wait to get to work on rehearsals. Since three of the four cast are in Austin I'll be spending lots of time down there and that's a good thing.

Next week it's off to Austin for the first cast meeting and Butt-Numb-A-Thon with Amy and David. Then the week after that we shoot The Outlaw Son. It's gonna be grueling but fun with lots of great vegan food.