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Casting Call: GDMF

Project: GDMF
Writer/Director: James M. Johnston (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1435934/)
Company: Beautiful Confusion Films and Road Dog Productions
Description: A rookie high-dollar striptease performer takes on her first private client. Later she learns a disturbing fact about this man's identity.

Casting Call:
Bridgette: Female, 20 years old - Sultry, exquisite and street smart (lead)
Loretta: Female, Mid 20's - Sultry and street smart (supporting)
Mark: Male, Early 40's - Businessman. Well kept and handsome. Aged well. (lead)
Violet: Female, Early 40's - Simple style and motherly grace. (supporting)

Experimental Short Subject. Paid (flat rate, low pay.) DFW/Austin shoot. Meals Provided. Tentative shooting dates in early February with heavy rehearsals (bi-weekly) leading up to shoot. Improvisational ability is a must. A large part of character development (and some story development) will rely on the actors. I am really looking to work with talent dedicated to the artistic pursuit of filmmaking and attempt to break free from the conventions of acting. Talent must be comfortable with non-explicit, non-exploitive nudity (for Bridgette, Loretta, and Mark.) This film deals with mature subject matter. Please do not submit if you have reservations.

Please submit H/R to: cast_gdmf@beautifulconfusion.com
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I Wish I Was In New Orleans
(Tom Waits)

Well, I wish I was in New Orleans
I can see it in my dreams
Arm-in-arm down Burgundy
A bottle and my friends and me
Hoist up a few tall cool ones
Play some pool and listen
To that tenor saxophone calling me home
And I can hear the band begin
'When the Saints Go Marching In'
By the whiskers on my chin
New Orleans, I'll be there

I'll drink you under the table
Be red nose go for walks
The old haunts what I wants
Is red beans and rice
And wear the dress I like so well
And meet me at the old saloon
Make sure there's a Dixie moon
New Orleans, I'll be there

And deal the cards roll the dice
If it ain't that ole Chuck E. Weiss
And Clayborn Avenue me and you
Sam Jones and all
And I wish I was in New Orleans
Cause I can see it in my dreams
Arm-in-arm down Burgundy
A bottle and my friends and me
New Orleans, I'll be there