Revenge of the Sith

David and I, first in line for the last time.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention this really cool video that David made about Star Wars and his life in creativity. Check it out, it's quite amazing and wonderful:

I kept a log via my cell phone based on the days happenings. It's pretty boring actually but since mundane is the new punk I'll go ahead and post it:
2:09 p.m. We have arrived at the Palace Theater in Downtown Fort Worth. We are the first two people in line. They actually had to come out and place the barricades up for us. We are the biggest nerds in downtown FW. Kings.

3:58 p.m. We are still the only two people in line. Right now David is taking some pictures with his Mace Windu doll that he brought. Not doll, action figure. Do you want to say anything David? "No." So...that's all that's going on. We've had lots of people come by and say how cool we are for being in line but we're still the only people.

6:39 p.m. We have been joined by one other person in line, Jake, he's been here for about an hour probably. That's it, nothing else going on.

8:08 p.m. Alright, the line is starting to get big now and our first costumed people have shown up. It looks like it's gonna be a good crowd...that we're gonna be having fun. Me and David were able to slip away and grab a beer (New Belgium's 1554 on tap) so we're feeling kinda nice and Amy's gonna join us in a bit, bring us some food, so it's all looking good.

8:32 p.m. A lady bought a box of chocolates for the entire line so she handed it to me since I'm number one in line but I couldn't eat any since I'm Vegan and they're all milk chocolate but it's a very nice gesture and it's cool.

8:33 p.m. (I hand the phone to a young couple for comments)[young man makes random noises I can't think of a way to type and then passes phone] "This is Colleen and I'm here at Star Wars in my great robe, it's so awesome."

10:07 p.m. (I hand the phone to Mateo Zeske, who has cut in line with us, in an attempt to garner some comments from him. Instead he clams up and can't think of anything to say so I tell him to push cancel but he misunderstands me and yells "CANCEL " really loud into the phone almost crushing my eardrums as I listen to playback.)

10:07 p.m. The line is around the building, around two corners of the building. They're gonna start seating at 10:30 p.m. so it's gonna get crazy.

10:18 p.m. Some teenage kids with a video camera came and interviewed David and asked him how long he's been in line, who his favorite Star Wars character is. Then they asked him if we would show them some Jedi moves and asked if we would do a fake Jedi fight but we kindly declined.
That's about all I got. It does seem sort of random and boring. Indeed it probably would have been insipid to any outside observer. David and I pretty much held a constant conversation for the entire duration. Bouncing between Star Wars (duh), film, our projects, musings on experimental film and creative commons liscense, how sexy the picture of Brigitte Bardot is on my Desktop, and other things of importance.

Random memories:
--A lady bringing a shit load of taco bell tacos for everyone in line (again we couldn't partake but the gesture was swell.)
--Being unofficial diplomats for the theater. Everyone seemed to come up and ask us questions instead of just going to the ticket booth and asking.
--A bicycle cop riding by throwing up devils horn rock n' roll gesture with his hand yelling "You guys rock, I'll be joining you later."
--Walking down the street after having a beer and a man stopped us and said "You guys better get back to your post."
--The manager of the theater, who knew David from a previous job, offering to let us watch the film at around 4:00 p.m. while they did a tech run. It was hard to say no but opted to wait and see it with the crowd and our friends.
--A girl walking by and saying "Star Wars is retarded" to which I replied "So is your mom but I still line up for her."
--A gentleman about my age confiding that all he could think to bring with him was a cigar and some scotch. He, David and I shared a shot of that scotch. There was no toast or words imparted. It was a bittersweet unplanned moment of silence, all of us aware that this is indeed the last time.
So what did I think. I loved it of course. People keep asking is it as good as the originals, is is better than I and II. That's all besides the point to me. I love Star Wars therefore I love the films. It's that simple. Lucas made the film he wanted to make. There's nothing he could have done to make these "as good" as the original trilogy. They aren't the original. They are the prequels. He's a forward thinking visionary filmmaker, why would he go back and do things the way he already had. People are selfish. They take Star Wars so personally and expect so much but they won't allow Lucas, the creator, to do that for himself.

Since I never really cared too much about the extended universe I come away from this film as the end of all things Star Wars and I am perfectly happy. I'm not jaded or cynical. I now turn to plotting a way to talk George into letting me and David do some sequels.

I had a dream the other night that I emailed everyone I knew and said "I just saw a great documentary about life on Mars. It's called Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. You should all go see it. It's really good."

BTW- This is completely unrelated to Star Wars (or is it) but I want to mention it before I forget. I was at Spiral the other night and poet/activist Tammy Gomez [] dropped by. She said "I saw you on a vlog yesterday, you were standing in the background while someone else was talking." Well the only thing I could think of was Chuck so I asked if it was Blogumentary [] and she couldn't quite recall. I mentioned SXSW and that rang the bell for her. Funny, a woman in Fort Worth, Texas recognizes me from a vlog of a man in Minneapolis, shot while we were in Austin. Connectivity.


sunlit doorway | 11:26 PM

clutter is utter global.

my new fascination.
with connectivity.
inter-spatial, multi-cultural,
interdisciplinary, gender-bending

love it.

The Deathray Davies Fan Site | 9:33 AM

Man, I lurves me some Star Wars. I'm old (32, ancient) so I've seen every single one of them in the threater.
I enjoyed your post, particularly the comeback to the girl who made the 'retarded' comment. I wish I was quick like that.

The Deathray Davies Fan Site | 9:33 AM

heheh... thReater...

tweedledeetweedledum | 3:32 AM

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