Leonard Clonin'

The other night I had a half asleep dream that I was conducting a Leonard Cohen cover band called Leonard Clonin'. It was very conceptual and the basis was four members dressed as Vulcans doing Sci-Fi space age covers of Cohen's songs. I think it could be pretty brilliant. If I could get David, Curtis, Ramsey and Cri together and perform in public places without invitation it could be quite amazing. Oh well.

It's always great to come across local music that's really good and you don't have to force yourself to want to like it simply because it's local. I came across one such musician today on Myspace. Her name is Audrey Lapraik and you can find her music and info at: http://www.myspace.com/audreylapraik. I think it's great and worth checking out.

While the end is near, I can't help but wonder what life will be like post Star Wars.

This is cool: http://www.bradleyking.com/ORG%20SITE/thanksgiving_dinner.mov

So is this: http://www.filmfodder.com/mt-weblog/archives/001525.shtml

My respect for this guy (http://www.saddle-creek.com/) is growing. Check it: http://homepage.mac.com/onegoodmove/movies/leno050205brighteyes.html

This should be interesting if it gets out: http://www.missiontomatrimony.com/

A manifesto we can all learn from, whatever our respective places in society might be:
My name is Yen Tan. I'm a filmmaker in Dallas, Texas. I'm Chinese. I speak fluent Mandarin and broken Cantonese. I seek to make films about everyday people living their everyday lives. Most of them are homosexuals. I don't consciously set out to do so, but I believe it's my subconscious attempt to push forward a representation of the gay everyman in contemporary cinema. We're not just hustlers, druggies, gym bunnies, drag queens, sex fiends or asexual comic reliefs. We're also the plumber. The postman. The accountant. The teacher. The unemployed. The retiree. We are human above our sexuality. We eat. We shit. We fuck. We pay our bills. We seek love. Sometimes we find it, other times we don't. Most of us are not cute. Or dress well. Or drive fancy cars and have mucho disposable income. It's only in our most unfabulous moments, that truth and beauty exist.

Sorry about all these random links but I've just been saving them as I come across them. I've actually been working on a few more substantial comments that I hope to post if I ever get around to writing them. One involves the Anarchy of DV Filmmaking (I do mean the true definition of Anarchy not the apocryphal version that mainstream media and education has fed us all our life) and the other is about the ultimate truth vs. faith. I wouldn't consider these essays at all just commentary.


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