Independent Art Filmmaking


Matthew | 10:37 PM

I like that a lot.

Yen | 12:56 AM

Right now, I feel exactly like that. Without the butterflies, that is.

Ghostboy | 4:59 AM

I feel just like the butterflies.

All covered in blood and brain matter.

Also, bits of skull.

brad | 11:17 AM

i know someone w/ that shirt..

Cindy | 9:19 AM

Anyone know who the artist is for this?

jmj | 9:38 AM

Nope. Artist unknown. I found this floating around on the internet with no link and no credit.

Cindy | 12:55 PM

Damn--that's too bad, it's a brilliant piece of work.

Cindy | 11:17 AM

Found out who the artist is--Jason Byron Nelson--check out the rest of his stuff below:

Cally | 7:44 AM

I have that tattooed on my body...
I'm actually trying to find the guy.. he's holding a briefcase in the hand that isnt shooting his head off, maybe you know where I might find it?
that'd be great if you could let me know