Tommy Korn

I've been busy since we got back from The Texas Film Festival. First off I just want to say thanks to Heather and Josh for putting together a great festival and also for the wonderful award bestowed upon us. David and I had a great time down there and met lots of cool folks. Thanks to Lauren, V, Becca, Lauren, and Elisa for being great host. We also got to meet some cool filmmakers so all in all it was a great experience. I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention something but such is the filter of memory. Further reports on the festival, including what we talked about in our brilliant workshop on Artistic Integrity, can be found on David's blog here and here.

Oh yeah, we got a four star review in the local paper there. Speaking of which the DEADROOM website has been updated with a press page linking to all the coverage on the film. Check it here:

I just finished the first draft of a short film based on a short story that David wrote about five years ago. We'll see how subsequent drafts turn out before I get all gung-ho about it.

My brother Jeff lives in Seattle and I miss him. I wish we could get into a damn festival there so I could visit him. I was thinking about how much Mark Wahlberg's character in I Heart Huckabees reminds me of Jeff and it made me laugh really hard. He would totally ride his bike to a fire.