Texas Film Festival: Day 4

I actually found a computer lab in our hotel so that makes it much easier to check email and update this here blog. I've seen some amazing stuff the last few days. Last night we saw some amazing shorts. My favorites were Wednesday Afternoon mostly for it's stunning cinematography, Consent which is one of the funniest shorts I've seen in a long while, and the animated films The Balloon and Frog. Then came the docs Seoul Train about the horrid N. Korean refugee situation and Monster Road by Brett Ingram. It's about the life and work of claymation mastermind Bruce Bickford. Bickford's work is amazing in the same way Henry Darger's work was. Except, luckily Ingram got a chance to make a doc about him while he was still alive. Ingram did a workshop today about doc filmmaking and it went great. He is a teacher at the University of North Carolina Greensborough, and his professionalism really shined through. He showed clips of some great docs I haven't seen before so I'm gonna have to get a list from him. David and I have had a chance to hang out with him and he's a cool guy, real genuine and friendly. Speaking of hanging out I wanted to give a shout out to our host for the festival Lauren and Elisa. This festival is so cool that they actually assign a team of people to each director(s) to show them around town, give them rides, make sure they get food, etc. It's awesome. We've been hanging out with a whole crew of folks the last couple of nights so we don't have to go back to our boring hotel room (which we should be doing because David and I are supposed to be working on a script.)

Tonight were the Student Acedemy Award winning shorts. All of them were great but my favorite by far was Between Us. The story was great and it was beautifully shot, acted, and directed.

Okay, enough for tonight. We have to get up early (at least according to our current standards) and watch Sin City.

Geez, I miss my Old Lady like crazy.