New York is a Ball Darling

So, second day in NYC. It's a damn fine city as everyone knows. It's nice staying with Jessica and Geoffroy. It kind of allows me to see what it might be like living here. I can't wait to live on the east coast however, my heart still beats for Austin and that's where I'll be first. East coast can wait. I've enjoyed eating lots of good Vegan food here in NYC and in Philly. David suggested I start a review site which I'm considering but you know, I'm not really a critic, I'd just talk about how good everything is. Still, it might be interesting. I think The 400 Blows is playing tomorrow at the MOMA so I'm gonna try to catch that. Other than that I get to hang out with Jarred Alterman whom I met at SXSW, I'm also hoping to catch up with Susan Leber at some point. Tonight is the dinner party with the friends we've made through film. Should be fun. I don't want to spend all my time writing in this blog so I'll update more later when I get back.

Good news, my brother Jeff is back.

I sure do miss Amy. She would have a ball in this city. It's a great place for lovers.


Anonymous | 11:06 PM

Those last two sentences make for a glorious double entendre.