Well it's not officially my birthday anymore but it is still my birthday night so show some fucking respect. I'm in Philly and it's a goddamn fine city. I'm having wonderful time hanging out with Cassie and the crew. Every bar in Philly serves really good beer, none of this bullshit Bud Lite/Miller Lite. People have good taste in beer. Represent.

My only regret is that my sweet beautiful lady friend isn't here with me (for a nice birthday romp.) Other than that it's a damn fine time. So far I've got to hang out with Malcolm McDowell (yes THAT Malcolm McDowell,) and Peter Riegert (of Animal House fame) who is now a director. Tomorrow we get to hang with Steve Buscemi. See, here in Philly instead of huge parties at bars they have really small parties in sponsor's houses so you can actually talk to people. But honestly, none of that means shit 'cos the real cool people to hang out with is David, Yen, and Nick. We're having a rip roaring time with lots o' laughs.

Now it's time to get serious for a second. Last night I saw the most amazing Independent film I've seen since George Washington. It is called "Me and You and Everyone We Know" by Actor/Writer/Director Miranda July. I'm not even gonna try to go into any sort of review. Trust me, it's sheer goddamn genius. And if you don't think it's the best film since George Washington I will fight you.

ghhjkl<--This is an addittion from Yen who is really high and drunk right now. We totally popped his party cherry up in this bitch. REPRESENT! Personally, I've had nothing to drink.


jmj | 2:02 AM

Man you are such a good writer. Happy fucking birthday.