Bloodshed and the City of Brotherly Love

A hearty congrats and best wishes goes out to Jim McMahon who's feature film Bloodshed is premiering at Dead By Dawn Film Festival in Scotland. This is pretty amazing because DBD is a huge top 10 genre festival and they are slating Bloodshed as one of their major features at the fest. Even cooler is the fact that everyone of their screenings is already sold out. And the fest doesn't even start until the 21st. Jim is heading up there on Monday to do some press and radio interviews. Good luck and godspeed my friend. Jim is a right fine filmmaker as you well know from his brilliant D.P. work on Deadroom (and Mere Acquaintance which none of you have probably seen.) Bloodshed is his feature film debut as a director.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Philly where Deadroom is a recommended feature at the Philadelphia International Film Festivals. If any of you happen to be out that way here's the info on the screening:

Philly Fest is a big festival that's only getting bigger and more respectable. They actually have a huge emphasis on International Cinema and only accept a handful of American Independents so we're proud and lucky to be in it. Usually they pay for flight and hotel but since there is four of us their only paying for hotel. Which is very nice of them especially considering where we're staying. After Philly is done we go to NYC where we're meeting up with some friends we made at SXSW. Should be fun.


Bryan Poyser | 8:47 AM

Your friend's gonna have an awesome time in Edinburgh. Those Scots know how to party!

Jim McMahon | 10:14 AM

Hey James, thanks for your tremendous amount of praise. (One day I will gladly father your child!)

Michael Roy (co-writer) and I are here in Edinburgh, Scotland, grabbing a pint (2:30pm!) and, naturally, checking our email. We just had a test screening of Bloodshed, and I am shocked at how great the sound and picture is in the theatre we're screening Friday night! The only change I made was TURN IT UP!!! It's really just wonderful, and Adele Hartley of the Dead by Dawn Fest has blown us away with her assistance (and free beer and food!!!).

The rest of the gang arrives tomorrow (Wednesday), so we'll be the largest group of asshole americans, I'm sure, considering it's off-season here. Three Actors, the DP, Gaffer, Camera Operator, My Parents and MY GRANDMOTHER! Yee-haw!

Talk soon...


---Bloodshed screens Friday night (4/22/05 10pm) at The Filmhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland---