Much Better

"In Deadroom, four directors fashion four compelling conversations that further the "living dead" genre by suggesting that in talking to the dead - an unfinished relationship or an unsolved murder - closure may not necessarily be guaranteed as death may not completely free us of humanity. This ensemble cast delivers consistently solid performances and the multiple director effect results in an engaging rhythm that is complicated well by the clean aesthetic and original score." -Gregory Collins, Austin Chronicle
In regards to my last blog Yen had this to say:
negative reviews (whether they're fair or not) are a fact of cinematic life. the first one always stings the most (trust me, i got mine from file thirteen) and our initial response is usually emotionally driven. we didn't make an easy-to-like film, we knew that going in. people still have the right to cut it up, it's just the way things are. on the bright side, this is a campus review after all, and most kids are on fucking spring break, so chances are, people aren't gonna take heed. we're giving it way too much credit by revealing it on our blogs; esp. given the fact that we're linked to our official site. don't need to advertise any hint of bad press yet!
I totally agree with him and if I would have been able to sit down and talk to him about it I probably would have exorcised my demons enough to not write it on my blog. As much as blogs are used for marketing tools I also still believe in using for my personal record of events. So I'm not going to remove it as I was tempted to do just 'cos I want to remember what a baby I was being about it and laugh at myself when I'm releasing my next film that some jack-ass decided to bash.

Anyway, enough about all that business. I'm about to head off to Austin for a week of dreamy film geek fun and nerve-racking filmmaker business. One of the top film festivals in the country is world premiering my film on opening night. Today we record an interview for News 8 Austin. Tomorrow The Austin Movie Show, and Tuesday we go on the KLBJ morning "Dudley and Bob Show." That's all we have lined up so far but you never know who we'll run into. Once the buzz gets going about DEADROOM everyone will want to talk to us.