Gig 'em

Here I am in a computer lab at Texas A&M University. A&M is home to the Texas Film Festival which is a whole lot of fun so far. All the festival folks are really cool and everyone is generally pleasant. I never really had a real college experience but last night came close going out drinking with Brian Poyser, his special lady friend Becca, and some of the festival folks who I won't name for fear of incriminating them. We went to this place called Dixie Chicken that was a real live get drunk and stumble home kinda college bar. Then we patronized a bar that only serves shots, dozens and dozens of shots. Of course, I didn't get drunk 'cos I don't do that no more. No one really got drunk, we basically just set around like a bunch of film dorks and talked about the usual film dork stuff. I'm meeting cool folks here which is quite a pleasant suprise.

I watched Primer again opening night. I liked it even more this time. I really got to pay attention to other aspects besides the story and I noticed how great of an actor Carruth is. Last night I watched some great shorts and then Dear Pillow again. Same thing with Primer, I got to enjoy the finer points of the acting and filmmaking since I had already watched it for the story. I liked it even more having seen it a second time as well.

Oh yeah, I got to watch Poyser have a blow job.

I sure do miss my special lady friend.


Laura McDonald | 11:00 AM

James! I found you through Bryan! It was really great meeting you guys at SXSW...I hope you get in contact when you are in NYC. It would be a pleasure to chat with you again!