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How can one family be so beautiful and talented. I just came across Martha Wainwright, Rufus' little sister. Her music is amazing from what I've heard so far. She's as pretty as her brother too. Check it out at http://www.marthawainwright.com/ She'll be playing at SXSW so I'll definitely be checking her out there. I'm looking forward to seeing Aesop Rock and Elvis Costello. I'm sure there's a lot more but the list is maddeningly long.

The full film schedule for SXSW is up along with trailers. DEADROOM showtimes are Friday 3/11/05 10pm, Tuesday 3/15/05 7:45pm, and Thursday 3/17/05 at noon. Come watch it goddamn. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

Our schedule for the Cleveland Film Festival is up. Unfortunately the dates are set precisely at a time where none of will be able to make it out. Tis a shame. I was looking forward to visiting even if it was for one short night. They gave us a great review for the program guide where they had this to say: "The film relies heavily on the writing and directing, and these folks deliver." Read the full review and get our screening times here. Hopefully lots of people will show up and enjoy.

The Texas Film Festival is going to be really cool. It's a small festival but they are truly dedicated to independent film and bringing it to a part of Texas (Brazos Valley) that doesn't ever get exposed to this sort of content. Plus they're paying for all of our expenses. There is no better thing a film fest can do for an Independent filmmaker than pay expenses. Everybody knows we're always broke. PLUS, they are giving David and I free reign over a workshop. We can talk about any film related topic we want. Of course being the film snobs that we are we've decided to discuss Artistic Integrity in Independent Film: Using Independent film as a way to make art instead of a cheap way to get into Hollywood. Also, we're the closing night film for the festival, so that should be really cool. We're playing Saturday 4/02/05 at 5pm. Anybody know where I can find some good Vegan food in the Bryan/College Station area?

EFilmCritic.com did a pre-SXSW interview with us. You can read it online at http://www.efilmcritic.com/feature.php?feature=1366

The nice folks at Texas Filmmakers are having a special test screening of DEADROOM (on MySpace at http://profiles.myspace.com/users/14812517.) Please come and check it out. They'll be showing the film and doing an extensive Q&A afterwards. It should be fun.

Where: Cool Beans, 1210 W. Hickory St., Denton TX.
When: Wednesday 03-02-05, 8:00pm

Congrats to Jeff Griffin who gives an outstanding performance in Contemporary Theater of Dallas' Far East. He plays the lead role Sparky. The play got a great write up in Dallas Morning News where they had this to say "Mr. Griffin, in his area debut, is particularly impressive – convincingly military, gung ho in a slightly na├»ve way, but smart as a tack. He makes a better Sparky than the actor who played him in New York."
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Just got back from David's where we finished the first draft of our new script. It is tentatively titled Sid after the main character. But I'm pretty sure that's gonna change.

Cool happenings the last few days involving Bright Eyes and Spiral Diner. David's already reported on it so check it out here.

We got into another festival: the Texas Film Festival. This ones really cool 'cos it's all expenses paid and we get to be on a panel.

Also, we're doing a special test pre-screening of Deadroom for the Texas Filmmakers Corporation on March 2. More info on that coming soon.

SXSW announced their official line up (view it here or here.) Aside from giving us a fucked up synopsis everything looks really cool.
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"We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip, a trip takes us."

"Thank you for your registration. This will confirm your FILM registration for South by Southwest 2005...Your badge is your pass to all SXSW Film festival, panels, workshops, trade show, and all other Film activities....Your badge will read:
James Johnston
Fort Worth TX"

Sweet words. I can't wait to take this journey. David and I were talking about how we want to get the most possible out of SXSW. No time for sleeping or anything else. I'm just realizing that Amy and I haven't taken a full-length vacation all by our lonesome since our honeymoon two years ago. We flew into L.A. and then drove from L.A. to San Francisco, staying at hostels along the way. It was relaxing and fun because we didn't have anything to do. This vacation unfortunately, won't really be a vacation. It will be quite busy. Which I can't really complain about. I mean it's gonna be fun, really fun. Just busy too. It would be delightful to take a nice relaxing, non event-filled vacation with my special lady friend though. Either way, it will be pleasant to get away from the stress and non-stop hustling of the Spiral Diner.

I'm quickly becoming obsessed with Altman. We set down and watched MASH on Tuesday. It's just amazing what he does on film. I can't even begin to explain it. I just wish that things could be as good for filmmakers today as it was back in the 70's. How is it that we've gone backwards in terms of censorship and creative freedom in this country?

Writing with David is going great. I'm really happy with the script as far as my vision goes. It's a great framework that will give me a lot to work with. I think David wants to make it a little more than just a skeletion though. He likes scripts to be a work of art within themselves so people can enjoy reading it. I find it impossible to explain on paper what I'm thinking about a scene, of course that's where David comes in and why he's great to write with. I'm sure you've noticed by now that we didn't get to lock ourselves up in New Mexico to finish the script. However, we've done pretty well without that. We're damn near done. We have maybe ten more pages to go.