Vexing Lyrical

Things are getting exciting. We're starting to get official emails from SXSW. Setting up for our official VIP passes to all the cool stuff there. I've got a theory about some big premiers that will be happening. Here's my guess for three of them: The New World, Melinda and Melinda, and Sin City. We'll see if I'm right.

I feel myself moving toward great creative things this year. Maybe it's just living vicariously through David. Whatever works though. I've felt on the verge of something for most of my life. This year I'm feeling more on the verge of that verge than ever before. Maybe I"m just punch-drunk from the SXSW acceptance. But who wouldn't be. I'll be rubbing elbows with Christine Vachon, Harry Knowles, Robert Rodriguez, the Wilson Brothers and more. I don't mean that in a "oh my gosh celebrities way." I mean that in a "once they were just like me" way. I'm willing something good to happen while I'm there.

I thought of a really cool idea for a Ghostcar video. It would be for the song "earthman's overture." I'm fleshing it out with David. More on that when it happens. The script I'm writing with David is moving along nicely. David is such a disciplined writer whereas I feel I'm awful at the screenwriting process. I have so many visions but so few words.