Spiral News on the March

As I mentioned in my last post, Spiral Diner has been really busy these past couple of weeks. No doubt an increase in media presence has helped us out. We've had five mentions in various publications this past two weeks, two of them major. Check em out if you're interested:

Review from Dallas Morning News.

Chow, Baby names us one of the top 10 restaurants in Fort Worth in her/his year end round up.

We got some very supportive Letters to the Editor over at Star-Telegram. Enough that they turned it into it's own little article in the Opinion section. This was in response to an article S-T ran in the business section on Xmas day called "Soy to the World." It's about how we've remained successful in spite of being in Cowtown. I would link to it but it's already been archived and cost $3 to view. It was a great article with several full color pictures and lots of great info. There were a few misquotes but they were harmless.

Now if we can find out how to generate some press like that for DEADROOM we'd be in great shape.

Now that it's 2005 Top Ten Films list are running rampant. My two trusty cohorts, Yen and David have theirs up if you're curious. As for myself. I can' t bother with making list like that. All my favorite films of the year just run together into a wad of greatness that I have to sort out later with DVD watching and behind-the-scene studying.


Anonymous | 3:37 PM

Wow, that's some great press! Talk about feeling vindicated after those long hours slaving behind the hot stove.