Post Sound

We're here at AMS working on the final touches of post-production sound. It's going wonderful. It's amazing what-

Oh wait, here's Nick with a special message: Professionalism is... And that's what I expect.

This is David writing now. The computer I'm writing this on, in a room next to the mixing suite, is a G5 iMac. I'm planning on stealing it. There are enough here to around, that's for sure. We just finished remixing the sound in my first segment, and I can now proudly say that
Deadroom is no longer without a a reference to Star Wars.

Yen here, writing. Something. Uhm. What to say? This is a very nice studio. Some paintings on the wall are enough to fund our next film. Or films. I'm a loser because I went to Austin to see Arcade Fire only to find out that they played in Dallas last night.

So there you have it. News from the front line. Anyway, what I was saying is: it's amazing what a difference sound can make to a scene. We completely reconfigured the score from my final scene and it's made me like it again. Much thanks to Daniel for hooking up new music on a short notice. Also, much props to Brad Dale for coming in on his days off to help us out.


Anonymous | 2:29 AM

The paintings Yen mentioned included a Picasso, a Mondrian, a Degas and a Warhol, among others -- all just hanging in a hallway near the back of the building. You could just reach out and touch them (not that we did).

AMS is an awesome place, but tucking away great art like that in a largely corporate environment just doesn't seem fair. Oh well -- I guess it's no different than a private collection. Remind me, if I ever have a private collection of great art, to donate it to a museum or to open a gallery, so that the public can appreciate it.